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Easy Zip Pouch Sewing Pattern

This easy zip pouch sewing pattern is a fun and rewarding sewing project for all skill levels, including beginners.

A set of four zip pouches in pastel and white floral  fabrics.

Are you constantly digging though cluttered drawers or overstuffed handbags looking for that one essential item?  Whether you’re grappling with daily disorganisation or seeking a simple, yet stylish sewing project, this easy zip pouch sewing pattern might be just what you need.


Designed with both functionality and style in mind, this sewing pattern includes four practical sizes.  Each pouch features a flat, boxed bottom, a neat and tidy lining with no visible raw edges, light padding and/or heavy interfacing for added structure, and covered zip ends for a professional finish.  

The end view of four sizes of zip pouches.

The finished dimensions of the pouches available with this pattern are:

  • Small:  16cm wide x 10cm tall x 5cm deep (6½ x 4 x 2 inches)

  • Medium: 19cm wide x 12cm tall x 5cm deep (7½ x 4¾ x 2 inches)

  • Large: 22cm wide x 14cm tall x 7.5cm deep (8½ x 5½ x 3 inches)

  • Extra Large: 24cm x 16cm tall x 7.5cm deep (9½ x 6¼ x 3 inches)

Zip pouches are incredibly versatile and adaptable for many practical uses.  Some of the ways they can be used are:


Handbag Organiser: - Keep your handbag tidy by using these pouches to separate and store essentials like makeup, keys and small electronics. 

Travel Organisers: - Neatly compartmentalise toiletries, makeup and accessories during your travels.

Gift Packaging: - Elevate your gifts by using these pouches to present jewellery, handmade items, or sweet treats.

Tech Accessory Storage: - Tame the tangle of chargers and earphones—these pouches are ideal for keeping gadgets organised.

Office Supplies and Craft Storage: - From stationery to craft supplies, these pouches can tidy up any space.

A close up of a zip pouch containing make up.

When it comes to fabric, cotton fabrics such as quilting cottons and light weight decorator or denim fabrics are ideal.  The variety of available prints and colours allows you to personalise your creations beautifully. 

For the interfacing, fusible fleece can be used for both softness and structure.  If a stiffer pouch is preferred, a layer of heavy iron on interfacing can be used with the fusible fleece, or on its own.

TIP:  If you’ve never sewn a zip pouch before, start with a quilting cotton and a heavy interfacing as it will be less bulky to work with.

Included with the pattern are full size printable pattern pieces and detailed instructions accompanied by step-by-step photos, making this easy to follow pattern an enjoyable project for both experiences sewers and those just starting out. 

Four zip pouches sitting on a table.

Whether you're looking for a fun weekend project, a handmade gift idea, or a way to organise your life a little better, this zip pouch sewing pattern has got you covered. Remember, the joy of sewing is in the journey as much as the finished product. Take your time, enjoy each step, and watch as your fabric and thread transform into something beautiful and useful.

Grab your favourite fabrics and let’s get started!

Happy sewing!

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