Hi! I'm Vicki
- it's lovely to meet you!

I’m a maker, designer and photographer who creates PDF Sewing Patterns for beginners as well as stock photos, mock ups and other digital products for Creative Business Owners.

My goal is to provide simple, easy to use digital resources to help you sew beautiful items, develop a new skill or save time and eliminate frustration with your creative brand.

My business is comprised of two stores:-

Vicki Elle Handmade for PDF Sewing Patterns, and

Vicki Elle Photography for digital downloads relating to product and brand photography and the running of a handmade store.


I understand that learning a new skill can sometimes be difficult, so my sewing patterns are created with beginners in mind and every step is detailed with both text and photos.

Having run a successful handmade business since 2012 (and the co-owner of a mechanical business for over 25 years), I also understand how much time, dedication and hard work is required to succeed, as well as how time consuming and frustrating it can be as a one person show to create quality photos and regular, unique content while keeping up with the day to day running of your business. 


My stock photos, mockups, store banners and other digital resources are designed to save you time and reduce stress and frustration.  They provide you with a way to instantly have high quality images for your creative brand without the headache!  

If learning how to take better photos is what you're after, then be sure to check out my "Product Photography at Home" eGuides.  They've been written especially for Handmade Sellers in an easy to understand format and are designed to help you improve your DIY Product Photography.    

Why Patterns and Photography?

You’re probably wondering what sewing patterns, stock photos, mock ups and Etsy banners have to do with each other?  Let me briefly explain.

In 2012 when I first opened an online store selling handmade bags and accessories for kids, I quickly realised high quality product photos were the key to success.  I already had a passion for photography but it still required a lot of time and effort to get it right.  Before too long I was not only getting compliments on my products, but on my photography as well.

Product photography is often a source of stress and frustration for handmade sellers but I loved it!  At times I could never decide what I enjoyed more – making products or photographing them.   Photography eventually won so I decided to put away my sewing machine and use my photography skills to help other business owners like you have the beautiful images your business deserves.

BUT, I still had a lot of interest in the handmade bags I no longer sold, so I decided to create PDF patterns of my designs so people could make their own.  This aspect has grown more than I expected and I’m thoroughly enjoying coming up with new designs and hearing from satisfied customers who are thrilled with what they’ve been able to create using my patterns.

Relevant Skills, Qualifications and Fun Facts!

Sewing enthusiast for over 40 years – now that is showing my age!

Mechanical business co-owner for over 25 years

Successful handmade seller since 2012

Organising addict and perfectionist who never stops learning

Photography for Business and Blogging Course - 2015

Advanced Photography Course - 2016

Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course - 2019

Ice cream and chocolate lover!