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Easy Book Sleeve Sewing Pattern

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Stack of Books in Book Covers

Book sleeves are the perfect way to protect your precious books from damage while on the go or even while they’re sitting on a shelf.

These padded, fabric cases are fully lined, allowing the book to be slipped inside with ease. The Velcro fastener ensures the contents stay securely tucked inside. This book sleeve pattern includes four different sizes to fit most standard books.

The finished dimensions are:

Large:- 25cm tall x 18cm wide x 3.5cm thick (fits standard hardcover books)

Medium:- 24cm tall x 16cm wide x 3.5cm thick (fits large softcover books)

Small:- 21cm tall x 14.5cm wide x 3.5cm thick (fits regular softcover books)

Extra Small:- 20cm tall x 13cm wide x 3.5cm thick (fits older style novels)

Four different sizes of a book sleeve sewing pattern

The features of this book sleeve pattern are:

- Padded for extra protection

- Fully lined

- Boxed bottom for a neater fit

- Interfaced for structure and durability

- Easy to use Velcro fastener

Books stored in fabric book covers, also called book sleeves

Book sleeves are a quick and easy sewing project that are perfect for beginners - each sleeve only takes approximately 45 minutes to complete!

book sleeves made from pretty floral fabric

They're also the perfect gift for a book lover, so why not get organised for Christmas and Birthdays by making some today!

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