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Car Play Mat Sewing Pattern

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Create Hours of Fun with a Handmade Car Play Mat!

Wine Tote Bag

Are you looking for a fun and easy sewing project that’s also a great gift idea for a special little someone? This travel size fold up car play mat is quick to make, suitable for any skill level, and is bound to bring a smile to any toy car lover’s face.

The instructions are easy to follow, and in no time you’ll have an adorable handmade toy, ready to provide hours of entertainment and imaginative play for a child of any age. This play mat is compact and portable so it can be taken wherever you go. Whether you’re visiting Grandma, going on a playdate or family holiday, it’s always ready for an adventure!

The features of this toy car play mat are:-

  1. Built in car storage pocket with a Velcro closure - perfect for keeping cars safe and organised when playtime is over. No more searching high and low for lost cars, they'll always be safely tucked away when not in use!

  2. A track that’s wide enough for two matchbox cars to zoom around simultaneously, sparking the imagination of young racers and encouraging endless hours of fun.

  3. A Foldable Design for Easy Storage and Travel. Simply fold and put away neatly when playtime is over. It’s nice and compact when folded, so it doesn’t take up much space.

  4. Padding and interfacing for durability, structure and a soft feel. These extra layers of support will help to ensure the mat withstands hours of play and maintains its shape over time.

The dimensions of the finished car mat are:

Folded: 27cm x 12cm (10½ inches x 4 ¾ inches)

Unfolded, not including Pocket: 46cm x 27cm (18 inches x 10½ inches)

Unfolded, including Pocket: 57cm x 27cm (22½ inches x 10½ inches)

What’s Included?

With this sewing pattern, you’ll receive printable pattern pieces and detailed step-by-step instructions that guide you through the entire process. The instructions are beginner friendly and easy to follow, plus, to make it even easier, there’s at least one photo for every step.

What Tools and Supplies are Required?

To complete this sewing project you will need:

- Cotton Fabric - Fusible Fleece - Heavy Interfacing - Felt for the Track - Elastic - Velcro - White Wool for the track markings (or white felt or fabric paint pen) No special tools are required - just basic sewing supplies, a sewing machine and an iron for pressing. It should take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

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Personalisation and Customisation

As with any handmade sewing project, you have the opportunity to add your personal touch. Choose fabrics in your child's favourite colours, incorporate patterns or motifs that reflect their interests, and make the play mat truly unique. Whether it's adding a race car appliqué, a cityscape backdrop, or even their name embroidered on the playmat, personalisation adds an extra touch of love and individuality to the finished product.

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Creating a handmade car play mat using this sewing pattern is a delightful project suitable for all skill levels. With its convenient car storage pocket, wide track, space-saving and travel friendly features, this play mat is sure to be a hit with any child.

The printable pattern pieces, detailed instructions, and abundant photos make it an easy and enjoyable sewing experience. So, gather your materials, start up your sewing machine, and get ready to create a special handmade toy that will bring countless hours of fun and creative play to the lucky recipient.

Happy sewing!

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