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Welcome!  Vicki Elle is a creative business selling PDF Sewing Patterns for beginners as well as digital resources for handmade sellers to use in their online stores.  These resources include sewing stock photos, frame mockups, Etsy store banners and DIY Product Photography Guides.

Most of the digital sewing patterns are designed to be quick and easy sewing projects that can be completed within an hour.  Printable pattern pieces, detailed instructions and numerous photos are provided with each one to guide you every step of the way.


The craft stock photos, mockups and store banners have been created to help handmade business owners have high quality photos for their brand while saving time and money, all without the stress and frustration that often goes with digital content creation.  

If learning how to take product photos is what you're after, be sure to check out the "Product Photography at Home" eGuides.  They've been written especially for handmade sellers and are designed to help you improve your product photography so it's attractive to the right buyers.

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Stock Photos

& Mock Ups

Stock Photos, Mock Ups, Store Banners, DIY Photography Guides and more.

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Easy to follow PDF Sewing Patterns for beginners and upwards.

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Instant download, printable resources to help you stay organised and on track.

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