36 Ways to Use Styled Stock Photos to Enhance Your Brand

Styled Stock Photos are a quick and easy way for you to have gorgeous, ready-to-use photos, right when you need them. Not only do they save you a heap of time, they can also improve the overall look of your brand, save you money and eliminate the stress and frustration that often goes with taking photos yourself.

Below is a list of 36 different ways you can use them to enhance your brand.

Note: Before using styled stock photos be sure to check the Terms and Conditions of Use for each image as these can vary between creators.


Your website is often the first place your clients or customers will come into contact with your brand, so of course you want it looking its best to create a great first impression. Taking the right photos yourself can be hard, so styled stock photos can be used as a quick and easy solution. By using images in the same style and colours you can easily create a cohesive look and feel. Here are some of the places you can use them:

1. As a hero image on home page

2. As banner images on other pages

3. As page backgrounds

4. Add to opt-in boxes & pop ups

5. As sidebar navigation images

6. To break up text on information pages

7. To create a cohesive and more professional look


If you're a regular blogger, taking all the photos you need can be a huge task, especially if you don't have easy access to the things you need photos of. For this reason, stock photos are a great tool to use when blogging. And, because you're not having to spend time taking and editing photos, you get your posts created faster too! Use can use stock photos...

8. To create title graphics

9. As feature images

10. To add interest on pages with lots of text

Social Media

There's not doubt that creating fresh new content for social media on a regular basis takes major effort. You can save yourself a lot of time by using some stock photos in the following ways:

11. As headers / cover photos / banners

12. To create Pinterest graphics

13. As backgrounds for quotes

14. Overlay with text and use as announcement posts

15. Mix with custom content to add variety

16. Use to quickly & easily plan & schedule posts

Online Store

First impressions count, and when you have an online store you always want it to look inviting to potential buyers. Stock photos can help you create a cohesive and professional look to your store. Here's just some of the ways you can use them with an online store.

17. Use mock ups to display your products

18. Add your own text and use as a sale or new release announcement

19. As a cover photo for your Etsy store


Creating a consistent, professional look is important wherever your brand is seen and email is no exception. Stock photos can be used in the following places to give your emails that polished look:

20. Add to sign up / pop up forms

21. As a header image

22. To break up text, but don't use too many!

Opt-ins / Freebies

Why not pretty up your opt-ins and freebies with some styled stock photos to make them even more attractive to subscribers. After all, you want to create the best first impression you possibly can. Some places you can use them are:

23. On your landing page and welcome emails

24. On covers of eBooks and eGuides

25. In worksheets, checklists or workbooks

26. On webinar slides

Promotional Material

You're spending good money on advertising your business so you want it to be as effective as possible. Using styled stock photos is a simple way to create more attractive advertisements that will encourage people to stop, look and take action!

27. In social media ads

28. In printed ads

29. On website banner or sidebar ads

30. To create flyers

31. On business cards

Content Creation

I don't know about you, but I'm much more inclined to choose and use things that look pretty over ones that are bland and boring. You put a lot of hard work into creating content for your audience so why not make it as gorgeous as well. You can use stock photos with almost any type of content. Here's some ideas:

32. "Pretty up" Contracts / Pricing Guides / Welcome Packs

33. Use in online course material

34. Use in slides for presentations & webinars

35. Use to create handouts

Brand Update / Refresh

If your website or brand is looking a little tired, replacing your images with some styled stock photos is a very quick and easy way to give it a fresh new look, sometimes in a matter of minutes! Use styled stock photos to:

36. Give a quick, easy and inexpensive new look to your brand

The use of styled stock photos is endless really. I hope this post has given you a few ideas on how you can use some with your brand.

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